16 May, 2006

Back to insanity

Well, I tonsured my head yesterday (and while were at it, I must tell you I dont look as bad as I expected myself to look when I did it). Of course theres the question, why did you do it if you didnt expect it to look good. Well, to be honest I dont know. But I have some theories. First of all it was revenge. Revenge against the estimated 6billion+ in the world for keeping my mailbox empty for over a week.
Hey, by the way, just for your information, Im on the lookout for friends. Friends who are not too busy for me. I seriously dont understand how someone whos 21 can be busy. I try to pack my day with as much of work as possible, and I still seem to have all the time in the world.
Theory number 2, and by far the more authentic, or rather sensible, is a break. Yeah a break from sanity. Do things simply for the sake of doing it. Well, I think thats why the chicken crossed the road too. Simply. And why not? Without thinking of the consequences. Reckless abandonment. Childlike. Well thats how I used to do things sometime ago. But then, I guess, even I grew up. Started working. Hated my job. Hated everyone who encouraged so far. Hated my friends you know why. Lived in self inflicted misery. Pitied myself god knows how many times.
Then somehow, I guess, when God got tired of the whole thing, He decided to put some sense. in. Thats when I realised that I had to take control. Forget the past. Rather, dont let it dictate your present. Rather move on. And most importantly start relishing the job youre stuck with for 3 years(God!). And thats exactly why I decided to shave my head. Do something you wouldnt normally do. Do something for the sake of doing it, even if it makes you seem crazy. After all, its all a mental thing. And you know what, its worked.
After so long, I did an honest days work at office.
So this is what I suggest. forget about appearing sane. Live your life your way. And DONT CARE.
This world is too silly to accept it, but it doesnt pay to be straight necked all the time!!!!!

10 May, 2006

Where democracy makes sense.

Well, by now you must all have exercised your right to change the future of whichever part of India you belong to. Yeah, by voting. By exercising the right bestowed upon us by our fathers who declared India as a democratic country. Where each and every one of us gets to decide who will take care of our Motherland. And govern the country the way we would have done, if it was us. Yes, and we can throw out every criminal, anti-social and traitor.

Do I sound sarcastic? I beg your pardon.
I used to be a patriot!

Hey you who live in a fools paradise, proud that India is a democracy. When are you going to realize that India cannot be changed by politics? Why? Because THEY DON’T GIVE A DAMN, And accept it, you can do nothing about it. All you’re going to do is throw out the tyranny of an incumbent. And the very same you is going to get him back in. Albeit after 5 years. You don’t have a choice!

Oh, now we have the Lok Paritrana. Big Deal.
We need to Act, you say. Yes act. Take action.

OK But let me ask you this question.
Does it really make a difference? to us, lets say, a middle class Indian. No it doesn’t Chennai will always have the roads it has, Mr. Narayana Murthy will always have time to read the paper on his way to office as long as he is in Bangalore and my sweet sister will get a holiday every month on account of strike.

Where we need voices are places like the Narmada, where Indians, and I repeat, Indians are rendered homeless. But we don’t care! Those who do are either branded as publicity mongers(as though being known as the best actor or the best writer in the country isn’t enough) , or are put in jail(Hush, The Supreme court can never err)

Yes, we have a responsibility. But that is not to play the dirty game, which doesn’t make any difference to India. We have enough politicians to do that. And more.
We must Act. Yes, ACT. Like Shah Rukh Khan.
Lets see, this is a challenge. Put on a new face. The face of India’s youth. And tell yourself, for starts, I will keep my country clean. By fighting. By refusing to accept the vulgar disparities of life, the corruption and the unspeakable violence around us. Because we can make a change. India is waiting. Yes you can make a change. By ACTING. By responding to the needs of a society who is waiting. Not by immersing ourselves in a game no ones going to win.
Don’t let there be the hole tomorrow

I used to be a patriot.
Maybe I still am!

Now this was meant to be a reply to a mail I recieved asking to vote for the new look youth party, Lok Paritrana

The unessential me

Why you need to read this? Simple. Bcoz I wrote it. And its about me. And Im unique. Of course just like everybody else!
So read on .
And you don’t need my permision to answer these questions. Well, Don’t tell anybody, but the questions are not mine either. But post it as a comment!!
1. First name? Abraham. Officially. The calling is usually Ebbrew or Avaran
2. Were you named after anyone? Of course. Well, don’t ask me which Abraham
3. When did you last cry? Don’t remember. Im not claiming I never cry!
4. Do you like your handwriting? Yes. Though I am the only one who can read it
5. Do you like work? Yes. No, not overwork. Rather work for fun
6. Kids? You mean parents?
7. If you were another person would you be friends with you? Yes, As long as I, the real me, will be friends with the other person I am
8. Do you have a journal? Nope, well, actually that’s why I started this
9. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Not on purpose. That’s unless you are decidedly stupid
10. Do you still have your tonsils? To be honest, I thought it was supposed to be there for life.
11. Would you bungee jump?. No. Heights bring out suicidal tendencies in me. Now that’s a revelation
12. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Yes. That’s unless Im not already asleep
14. Do you think you are strong?. People see me as strong, I mean emotionally, but Im not sure. Again that’s a revelation. And physically, dont even ask me!!
15. What is your favorite ice cream? God. I must get back to eating ice creams
16. Shoe size? 10
17. Red or pink? Red
18. What is the least favorite thing about yourself? Being a miser. Well, when I try to change, Reality plays spoilsport!!!
19. Who do you miss the most?. My sister
20. Do you want everyone to do this list as well? Itd be damn good.
21. What color pants and shoes are you wearing? Black pants. No shoes
22. Last thing you ate? Should be my lunch. Unless of course, a fingernail found its way in.
23. What are you listening to right now?. Nothing. Well, I can hear the fan turning. And a couple of kids screaming in the park
24. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Blue. or is it black? I like black
25. Favorite smell? The rain, after a hot dry summer
26. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Mahesh, my friend. Yesterday. No one called today. Or is my cell on silent?
27. First thing you notice about people? Whether they’re smiling
28. Do you like the person whose blog you got this from? Yeah, he appears cool
29. What do you miss the most? Well, a real friend. Its like this. Im the kind who makes friends with every other person I meet. But that’s it.
30. Favorite sport? Football. Soccer if you’re an american
31. Hair color?. Black should answer your question. But for your info. Its pretty much gray. And hey im only 21
32. Eye color? Blackish brown. Is that known by any other name?
33. Do you wear contacts? Nope. As if the soda lenses im wearing isnt enough
34. Favorite food? I eat almost anything that that doesn’t bite back.
35. Scary movies or happy ending?. Happy endings.. well I wouldn’t watch a scary movie even if it had a happy ending
36. Last movie you watched?. Erin Brokovich, on TV 2 mths ago
37. What color shirt are you wearing? Theres red, green, and yellow, in small qtties. The prominent colour I cant identify. It’s a bluish, greenish, grey.
38. Summer or winter? Summer
39. Hugs or kisses? Both
40. When do you miss your (a)partner the most? When I read the paper, yeah itd be fun. Especially those tabloids.
41. Who is most likely to respond? Mmm…. Priyam. Yeah she does these things. That’s if she gets to see this
42. Least likely to respond? Lots of people. Mom, for one. And shell never get to see this
.43. What books are you reading? A christian book. ‘The strong name’
44. What's on your mouse pad? My mouse , the wire connecting it, my right hand, and some air
45. What did you watch last night on TV?. Nothing. But I miss ‘Friends’
46. Favorite sounds?. Thunder!!! And a fooball stadium in Europe
47. Rolling Stones or Beatles? Definitely the Beatles
48. The furthest you've been from home? Exactly half way across India. Nagpur
49. Do you have a special talent? Yups, lots of. . only thing no one seems to agree. Well, I write. A lot. And I talk
50. When and where were you born? 1984, Bangalore
51. What condition are your hands and feet in? well, im not impaired. its not exactly clean now. My feet because my boss thinks you shouldn’t walk around office in shoes and my hands, because I live in Chennai.
52. Who is your favorite author? Paulo Coehlo, Jeffrey Archer, and Rowling