30 November, 2006

A year of living

Its been a year. Yups. a whole three hundred and sixty five days.
now please dont say since what!
Since the day Abraham C Mathews graduated into an employee, a worker, and in a lot of ways, a donkey.
One year. On my own. One year, alone (i swear that wasn't meant to rhyme!)
A year which transformed me to someone I scarcely would recognise before it started, In short, the most eventful year of my life.

Two jobs, nothing could be more contrasting than them. Happiness, fun, mindsets and the pay-packet. But Iv learned to accept that as long as you are the one who makes decisions in life you are not wrong. The decisions have consequences. Many good. Surely some bad. But that doesn't make the decision wrong. Only you have to learn to accept it as a part of your growth. So I was'nt wrong getting back in search of a career. (And come to think of it, a career Ill pretty soon give up) Yes I became a psuedo-philosopher. Armed with some friends as out of the earth as me, I fell into it. Needless? Only time will tell. But again, you can only be what you are. No more, no less.

So what about this year past. Balance Sheet style.

Assets - the unassailable will to make a mark on my own, an attitude weathered by the realities of life that all may not go well, always, but that scarcely matters, in the long run. A much needed indent in my arrogance that I can (do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me by my grace), and the timeless achievement of being a better self.
Liabilities - a pin prick at the back of my mind that asks "Can you?" before each of my crazy ventures, a big drop in the scale of my dreams, and a sluggish attitude of being satisfied with small achievements. The propensity to dream small, in the pretext of taking time off to enjoy life, a complete loss of innocence (no more mama's boy), spiritually beaten, and mentally tired. (Yes, if your still not employed, stop having fairy tale dreams of being the worker of choice. Not that its not possible, but you never know.)

Another thing Iv learnt is dont attempt something, that is job wise, unless your heart, nerves and sinews are in it.
O, talk about lessons, there are many more. Never underrate yourself. For you simply cannot measure what youre worth, even in the obvious .Dont let failure dictate your actions. The universe hasnt guaranteed, nor do i think will it allow, a failure free journey.
Find out what you love doing. then do it for the love of it. For me it is writing. And singing. I do both now.
Take time to relax. But dont get too relaxed. You live in a hectic world to waste time getting back into grove
Remember people. Value relationships. They dont come cheap.
Dont forget to pause to learn something the right way. You never know when it will come handy
Dont forget to live as if today is important, though it really may not be. And sorry, Im not sanctifying myself here. These are things I learnt the hard way,am still undoing the damages.

So, am I happy? yes. Atleast I know what I am. And Im much better off than I was a year ago. Friends, Independence, Adventurousness, yes. I may have been able to do much better, but there is always tomorrow. Maybe next year, I wont be as regretfull, maybe the next year, Ill be a little harder on my lazy self and a lot more lighter on my psychological self, but I promise, I will have grown.
By God. With God

07 November, 2006

Shat ap, 'm not that styupid!

Yo there, Mr. American, you who, for all the democracy you claim, don’t have an option but to do with the whims of a Rip Van Winkl’ish figure of a president (who wouldn’t have been that in the first place, if it were not for your electoral systems), its time you stood up for yourself. And spoke out
Spoke out saying “Do you think we are fools?” Because that’s what the people who rule you think you are.
They think they can terrorise your wives and your mothers on every election eve by reminding them of Osama Bin Laden. They think they can laugh off John Kerry as an anti militarist, by pouncing on an easily understandable joke. They think they can inspire confidence by having Saddam captured. And to top it all, they think you will buy all this bullshit!

Yes the Grand Old Party thinks you will buy it all. Talk about accountability, well, there is none. Talk about credibility, O, I’m sick of laughing.

O Bush. Sometimes I pity you. I don’t think you are as evil as the people you call evil. Hmm… Maybe you’re a little too proud to admit mistakes, (on your colleague’s advice. I understand), maybe you’re a little arrogant to go against the laws you yourself drafted, maybe you’re a little supportive of a few friends, that too daddy’s friends, who seem to be having all the fun at your expense. But you’re definitely not evil

No Mr. Bush, I don’t think you are a villain as everybody makes you out to be. You’ll only make a lesson for future students of Political science. A lesson on what will happen if administrative responsibilities are thrust upon an unknowing layman. And maybe, if some critic cum historian cum novelist would deign to immortalise your misadventures in Iraq like Tolstoy did Napoleon’s failed attempt at conquering Russia, posterity will remember you as someone more than an ignorant son of a former president, or even worse, a two time president, who had no business whatsoever to be in the White House even once.

And sometimes I pity you for the jokes they cracked at you. The best was the forward I received in my e-mail likening some 32 of your facial expressions to similar ones on a chimpanzee. And I must admit, there wasn’t much of a difference. (I wonder if the poor chimps got to see
Not to mention the day the front page of the newspaper was laid with pictures of you almost falling off a stairway, and your facial expressions. I wondered why no one approached you to do a comedy film. Maybe they will, after two more years. After all, you can’t be expected to go around the world giving lectures like Clinton. You, who didn’t know Chechnya was a country till you became a president.

O sorry Mr. American, for I momentarily forgot you. But spare a moment today before you go to cast your vote to think of the crazy things you were fed all along. W said he was anchoring a fight on terror. And it started on 9/11. But wait a minute. Im sure every American has the number of people who died on that fateful day at the towers on the towers etched to their brains. Does anyone have the latest count of Americans (Americans, mind you, not Iraqi’s) who died in Iraq. In Malayalam, we have this saying that can be translated to mean ‘setting the house on fire to kill the rodent’. And he still insists on ‘staying the course’. He knows all too well that somebody is too worried about her children to vote him out of power.

So he makes you fund his army, and then he funds the enemy by buying their oil. No, don’t laugh. Only vote.

India is a country known to have the likes of Laloo ruling states for decades, and it was not little flak we called upon for not being able to cut them to size. But three years ago, we proved that we mean business. We voted a government that claimed India was shining out of power (There was a cartoon I saw yesterday, with a beggar congratulating Jaswant Singh on the huge Foreign Exchange reserves, and then asking for some domestic change) and we’re still doing it. Today, every government with a bad performance history is simply bundled out. (That they return after five years in another matter)

And that means that even you can. Tell them to shut up. Tell them you’re not as fool as they think you are!

Remind not just Mr. Bush, and his set of advisors, but anyone who thinks they can take you for a ride the power of the “Tuesday following the first Monday of November”