06 January, 2007

Happy new year?

When new year comes, can its supplementaries stay behind? Think about a new year without resolutions. Without decisions, that are not as firm as resolutions, and hence expected to stick around for longer. Without the greetings, the cards or the gifts.

And Hope. Because we need reasons to change. Somehow changing on the 30th of December smacks of impermanence when compared to two days later. And don’t we all have a long list 2 months in preparation, waiting for the new year to get implemented.

Then of course, there are accessories, real physical ones. Calendars, diaries and what not. And they get innovative. I got a diary this year, which, apart from all the usual stuff about air distances between, and the average temperature of, the ‘important’ cities across the globe throughout the year (i think it would be so much more useful if they told things like the railway calendar or, well, even India’s cricket itinerary for the year. For sure, it will get those pages read in full!), it also gives me a horoscope of what the coming year holds forth. And curiosity coupled with idleness commits me to read the predictions for me.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 22

You stand to gain through enemies So much for deciding that I will be happy with everyone as a matter of policy this coming year, and not harbour bitterness This is the time to take bold decisions in life Hey, you know what, Im still recouping from the effect of the ‘bold decisions in life’ I took last year There will be money troubles in your family. Sigh! As if there weren’t any in the past. And as if I don’t know ill be scrounging for the next 2 years and 3 months. And people, by the way, that’s how long I have to go on here. You will spend more time on your hobbies Another resolution made long time ago. If only it would be of some consolation to my boss. naughty smirk Financial worries and additional expenses may have to be managed Hellooo… will somebody say something newww! I thought managing was what everybody did when they had an expense. That too, in a bank diary. The friendship of an elderly and competent person can help you. For all the complaints that Im associating with people too old for me anyway Students will have to revise their lessons thoroughly Ehmagod! Now, did I need you to tell me that? Forget it, does anybody need you to tell that? Those working in the public sector will succeed after March 27. At last, some inspiration. To quit and seek employment elsewhere, albeit after March. O yeah, I got it. For you to yell, April Fool. No, Im not game, sorry.

And you wish me Happy new year!