29 December, 2007

50, Retired

So, another year’s almost done! And going by what everyone seems to remark, you would actually think that God was actually scissoring out an hour here and an hour there, just when we weren’t looking!

Well, anyways, it’s gone by way too fast for comfort! You’d almost wonder if the Old man upstairs is upto something sinister. As if He was in a rush to get the days done and over with!!!! Or maybe He’s just sick of laughing at the frivolity we put on display. And anyway, I occasionally do get the feeling that he wouldn’t want his angels, or whatever it is that He actually calls his trusted lieutenants, see a lot of the stuff that is on display on earth these days!

Well, anyway, a lot of us are just taking it in our strides. Some of us, like me, have just accepted that there wont be the proverbial 24 hours that we all take for granted anymore! The daily schedule is virtually halved, with the included half consisting of the stuff’s that you really cant avoid, like reporting at work on time, all the choir practices and concerts around the city, and oh my god, we’re forgetting the 7 hours of sleep! Eventually some things don’t get done, but then, hey how can you blame me for God being pissed off with the rest of you? And ya, its God we’re talking about, in case you didn’t notice!

Ok, so back to the reason why I started the banter! (which reminds of dear
Princess, she pulled one back on God, writing a christmas plus Happy new year post three weeks before time. Just in case He decided to cancel of the rest of the days of the year, and just announce it on TV or something like hat!) No, this is not another year end post on how ‘the year gone by was a bag of goodies all designed by the Hand that knows all, though some goodies were disguised as pepper flavoured toffees’. Forget it. It wasn’t and it sucked! It was an experience that can only be described as the real fire test for every dirty thing the world can throw at you. Oh come to think of it. I really don’t know why I had to go through most of the stuff I did last year. What joy could anyone have gotten in depriving me of every damned friend I could ever connect to? What joy could anyone, say Anyone, get in making me feel like the most unwanted person in the world. What sarcastic pleasure in seeing me prove that I will never enjoy anything in life that is even remotely ‘work’!

Oh freak. There goes my resolution not to crib! Well, not to the purpose of this post. Actually there are multiple purposes, and counting.

To start with this is my 50th post. Okay that’s fifty posts in a year and a half. That also means Iv enriched the world with fifty pieces of so-called literary experiments. Two, this is the post to mark my break from blogging. Iv been considering quitting for sometime now. Quitting ditching out trash on a weekly basis. I mean, does it do anyone any good? But whenever I think of it, there’s always some good idea coming out. But then, of late, everything ends in a whine like this. So there goes my blog for the next five months. Finally, this marks the end of my whining. Okay that was the decision made before my Christmas break. And its not working to the extent intended. But this time its with more resolve. Its done and over with! The year. Iv seen the worst. Nothing could matter anymore. And 2008, Iv arrived.

So that’s it folks from here, for the next half year. When Im back, itll be with a new look and a new story!
Happy new year and Happy Easter!
Update 1 : Its been the perfect start to a year.. its jus been all goody-goody...
Hey Buddy up there! thanks a million.. Luv ya! I thought You had given up on me....