22 November, 2008

Rat race

Jobless, but still starved for ideas, I decide to post some of my personal writing. Something I had written a few months ago:-

Today morning on the bus, I was thinking about this conversation I had a few days ago with a friend and was mentally telling her that after all, we're all in a rat- race, and whatever the outcome, we're still rats! And I look out of the window of my bus and what do I see but a dead rat, squashed under the wheels of an indifferent vehicle right in the middle of the road.
But then thinking on, i guess thats all a part of the deal. We'll all meet our end. And then we wont be any better than that rat, dead, with with its insides out. Or even if we're better off, it wouldnt really matter.

So the thing is not to take yourself too seriously. Enjoy life while you have it. Live by Aamir Khan's advice in his new samsung ad! Find the joy in existing. Be willing to take the risks you want to, like the rodent. Take a plunge. Experience LIFE. And dont worry about what people will think about you.

Like I said, I wrote this a few months ago, while I was still in Chennnai. Im not sure I still subscribe to it! Nevertheless....