04 April, 2009

Another Tag, Another Trail

So they think they can take our idea, use it, pass it of as creatively innovative, and claim to enjoy it?

And they think they can pretend to be baring their minds or souls or whatever else, even while looking down with disdain at bloggers?

And they think they can sell us the idea of facebook blogging!

Hmm… but then, sometimes when im like this starved for ideas, I couldnt help taking a facebook idea, twist it to suit myself, and then employ it like we would have anyways…

So this one is 15 things (er, well, actually 25, but Im not sure Ill last that long – so we’ll take it as it comes) I would tell the myself who was around a year ago by way of advice, based on a years experience. Or atleast something like that! So, here goes…. And trust me, if I had heard even one of these last March, I would have ROFL’d for want of more absurd things to laugh at!

    Hmmm well, for starts, maybe you can think of splurging a little on yourself while you have the cash. You’ll be hopelessly broke by this time next year!
    Don’t make plans too elaborate, even for the immediate future. Not one single one of them is going to Actually work out remotely like you planned!
    Stop advising all and sundry. Over the next year, the biggest revelation will be that even you are incapable of living your own advice. And that’ll be a humiliation by itself.
    You will know what it means to flunk exams. That too, multiple times! And how it feels each time!
    You will, okay, now hold your breath… you will be called a ‘ladies man’ by the majority in a group of 20-something’s. And that too, not without more than a hint of jealousy.
    You will start getting bizarre ideas like ‘write a book’, or even ‘start writing your memoirs’. But be warned, don’t attempt it. It’s just another attempt by Life to humiliate you. By proving you aren’t capable of even that!
    Why, you will actually go out and make attempts to pursue all your dreams. Not that any one of them will actually materialize. You’ll just have your options curtailed.
    You will lose pretty much all your friends. But surprise surprise… you wont actually miss them like you feared you would!
    You will swear that Indian authors are the best in the world. Right From Vikram Seth down to Shobhaa De. Jhumpa Lahiri will attain a status in your book collection that was reserved for Paulo Coehlo this far.
    You will actually see every movie you’ve wanted to in your life (thanks to file sharing, free internet time, and irrepressible joblessness. You, of all people!
    You will discover that your soul-mate does exist. Or atleast someone who satisfies your idea of a soul-mate. You’ll miss her!
    Hmmm well, you’ll happen to sleep with a female stranger on a train! Oh yeah, I know that’s corny, and so just in case you start getting Emraan Hashmi- flavoured reveries, Ill break the news that she’ll be around 7 years old!
    You will discover that you can survive without knowing sensex levels, without blogging (or wanting to), without wanting to win arguments, or even without singing! For months, not days…..
    You will be jobless for months on end. You’ll reeeeealllly realize the implications of cribbing about work!
    Oh no, I forgot… You will be damn right about the recession/Bear Market! Not that the fact will save you from becoming its casualty.

So guys, that’s it. I guess you’ve got a fair idea of my current state of affairs, and perhaps an explanation of why you haven’t even heard from me in months! Its new, and I must say, I didn’t see it coming!

6 had something to say:

Monika said...

oops that sounded so sad and sarcastic... u fine

D said...

Stop ridiculing your life and your decisions like that. It's unhealthy!

Avaran said...

hmmmm, sarcastic, sad, unhealthy...!

well sarcastic naturally... how else can you put a little humour into this state of affairs...

now about th rest, im not saying it wasnt sad, but i posted this only after i got over the whole thing... like, i sulked for about a month.... felt utterly impotent, and then buckled up and decided that i wasnt helping things with my attitude and have been seeing things from that perspective since then... and i can assure you that i posted this with a smile!

th problem with me is that usually i am this supremely self confident, maybe even a little arrogant guy.. and so when something like this hapens, you come back to earth, and that feels humiliating, but i guess th important thing is accepting that noone ever had a problem free shot at success, and this is my challenge...

so i jus rise, shake my head, get up and ask for more...

clueless comrades said...

Ten years down the only thing u will probably regret is reserving a place on ure bookshelf for Shobha De..

Avaran said...

#clueless comrade
correction, i never said Iv reserved a place for Shobha De, only Jhumpa Lahiri. And anyway, the Shobhaa De I happened to read was 'sultry days', which by her own admission is a book her children can read. i just enjoyed the narration and the story itself..

but yeah, i get yr point that all the other things are just minor heartbreakers that ill forget once th tide runs out and its clear again.... im jus praying theres strength to stick on till then....

manisha said...

oh i loved the advice wala part and the seven year old kid!!! :D

oh and alos i didnt find ur post depresing at all!!!! to see humor in all walks of life is a commendable thing, and then learning from it is more!!!

true about indian authors....i loved jhumpa lahiri's unaccustomed earth...didnt read the others....also god of small things was captivating....have u read kunal basu?